De-clutter your home before you start to pack will help you save a lot of money and also clear out stuff that you no longer need or really want.

It is extremely liberating to de-clutter and if you have not done it for a while, then it is a great time to do this if you are moving house. It is like having a great Spring Clean and sometimes the only time people will do this is when they are moving house.

The extra benefit of de-cluttering before starting to pack your boxes and working out how much stuff you have to move, is that it can save you a lot of money.

Work on de-cluttering at least a month out from moving house, then if you have some things that you no longer require and can be sold, then you will have time to do this before your have to pack and move house.

Selling your unwanted goods can easily be done in Facebook local groups, Gumtree, Garage Sales etc. You might even find that you make some money that can also help finance your move to your new home.

If you are not looking to sell anything, then at least you will be able to donate what you don’t need or want to Charity and then someone else will be able to receive the benefits of you de-cluttering your home before moving.

If you still have boxes that you have not unpacked from the last move, don’t just leave them packed and move them again – go through them and be selective.

Ask yourself the main questions:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Did I remember that I had this and to be honest, would I have had a clue where to find it, if I needed it and is it useful to me any more.

By de-cluttering before moving house, you will save on:

Boxes and packing supplies – whether you have to buy these or go and find them etc, you will be saving time and money.

Hours on Packing your possessions – when there is a lot less to pack, then it is such a total time saver.

Cost of Packers – this is if you need to have someone do this for you – often you can be too busy working and living to have the time to spend packing and moving house.

Cost of Removals Truck – the more you have that you do not need to move the cheaper it will be for you to move.

Stress – the less you have to move that is not required or no longer need – the less stress you will have on your move or packing and unpacking.

You will find that by De-cluttering your home before packing and moving house you will save time and money - whether you choose:

Our Platinum Brisbane, Gold Coast Moving Service (where you don’t have to lift a finger) – it will mean that you will have so much less to move, pack and unpack and this will save you money.

Our Moving Brisbane, Gold Coast Service (where you do all the packing etc and we just put everything in our Removalist truck) – because you will have a lot less to move in our furniture removalist trucks and this will save you money.

Our Packing Brisbane, Gold Coast Service (where we pack everything for you) – this will be much cheaper, because we will have less to do, since there is less to pack and of course this will save you money.

DIY Moving (where you do everything yourself) – you would still save on boxes and packing supplies, as well as hours spent packing, moving, unpacking and the size of the truck that you will have to hire and all the stress involved. You will also be able to use a smaller truck – and all of this will save you time and money.

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