Once you are planning to move, one thing among many tasks you have to consider is the task of packing. It would be easy to organise or to pack the clothes and toys of the children but packing fragile items can be a daunting task.

It is essential to carefully and properly pack your fragile items, to ensure that they are not broken while moving house.

Some of the different types of protective padding that you can use in order to help keep your fragile items safe when packed, include: bubble wrap, tissue paper, butcher paper, polystyrene balls, newspaper and also special designed packing boxes.

Here are some of the fragile items that you will be needing to pack carefully for your new house move and the ways on how to properly pack the items:

Pictures and Mirrors – pictures of the family are considered to be priceless and so must be handled with care. It would be suitable if you are to use sturdy cardboard boxes perfect for the stacking frames having similar sizes. If you have polystyrene balls or bubble wrap then use it as well. But an alternative to that could be butcher paper or newspaper. We also have available boxes specially designed for packing pictures and mirrors.

Televisions and HiFi systems – it is great if you still have the original box from the manufacturer (when you purchased these items), these can help avoid damaging your expensive TV and music centres, since these boxes generally have polystyrene foam for extra protection. But if you do not have these boxes, then try packing in shallow boxes with extra padding. We also have available specially designed boxes to pack your television in.

Cups and Glasses – these are very fragile and so must be properly packed in order to avoid disappointments. Fill the cups or glasses with newspaper or tissue paper and then wrap every piece individually. Pack the wrapped cups and glasses in a separate small sturdy box being one layer at a time with the use of bubble wrap that will separate every layer.

Crockery and Tableware – wrap the plates with tissue paper or newspaper individually and then stack them on top of each other into a sturdy box along with similarly sized plates. Never stack plates with lots of different sizes together for this may lead to damage and movement during a move. Also if there are extra gaps between plates etc – stuff crumpled newspaper or tissue paper, to prevent movement in box.

Wine Bottles – some wines are considered to be of high value, so keeping them secure and in best condition, is required to avoid too much shaking of the contents during the move. Suitable wine boxes should be used.

Collectibles and Antiques – these are often shaped irregularly, therefore the best option to keep these protected and packed safely will be to use bubble wrap and tissue paper and packed in a small to medium sized sturdy box and then taped securely.

Also make sure that the boxes that you add your fragile items to are packed in a sturdy box and also marked appropriately on the outside and also Label with FRAGILE.

These are some of the ways to consider packing your fragile items as you plan to move house.

We are also professional packers and movers in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area and we are available to do the packing for you – so that your fragile items arrive at your new home, without damage.

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