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Professional Movers : A Platinum Service

Introducing our Professional Movers : Platinum Service - providing professional removalist services to Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 2005.


Professional Movers : Before the move

  • A Professional Movers consultant will come out to your house and evaluate how much furniture and packing will be required and what packing materials are going to be needed to make your move completely safe.
  • The day before your move our professional packers will arrive in the morning to start packing up your house, they will leave you any essentials items you need to get through the night, (cutlery, plates TV, etc.)

Professional Movers : The day of the move

  • Early on moving day, the last few items will be packed up and beds bagged and fridge packed. The professional removalist will then load your furniture into the truck and transport it all to your new home.
  • Once unloading has begun and your major furniture items are in place the female setup team can start unpacking the boxes and organising items into the appropriate cupboards.¬† Food goes back into the fridge, clothes are hung back into the wardrobes, linen is folded and restacked, and beds are made.

Our female setup teams are all experienced, practical thinking, and trustworthy.

What’s more, they have style and love setting up homes! P.S. They can follow instructions too & can work to your layout plans.

Setting up your new house doesn’t have to take weeks.

You don’t have to live amongst a sea of boxes.

Moving used to be a nightmare, now it’s a dream.

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Where You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

Our Platinum Service - Where You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger