How to Move: Packing Tips for Moving House

Are you about to start packing, but don’t know where to start? Moving house can be a daunting task, however help is at hand with our How to Move blog. This series of blogs will form a How to guide for moving house, including packing and moving checklists, tips and professional help.

We have put together our top 10 packing tips to help keep your possessions safe during your move, and making it easier for you to unpack in your new home.

How to Move: Packing Tips #1

In our industry we have a box called a ‘Priority/bits box’. In this box we advise you to put all your bed bolts, bed legs, TV cords/remotes etc. These should all be bagged and labelled for easy access at your new house.

How to Move: Packing Tips #2

We recommend you take photos of the back of your TVs, surround sound, computers before pulling all the wires out so you do not spend hours trying to figure out how it should be put back together.

How to Move: Packing Tips #3

Use proper furniture removal boxes, butchers paper and packers tape for packing to ensure safe moving of all your possessions. Do not use newspaper as the ink transfers.

How to Move: Packing Tips #4

When packing a carton place larger items at the bottom and small items at the top. Ensure that you pack all cartons right to the top, filling all the gaps to prevent the boxes from collapsing.

How to Move: Packing Tips #5

Never overload your boxes with heavy items, place heavy items like books, cutlery into book boxes. Book boxes are also good for your stemmed glassware and more delicate items (books & glassware shouldn’t be packed together).

How to Move: Packing Tips #6

Always wrap breakables in butcher’s paper before putting into the carton and never lay it flat, have your items in an upright position to avoid damages.

How to Move: Packing Tips #7

If it fits into a box it should go in a box. This will save time on your moving day as walking handfuls back and forwards is time consuming and the removalist is able to stack the moving truck more safely.

How to Move: Packing Tips #8

Label all your boxes with brief description of contents and what room it is going to in your new house.

How to Move: Packing Tips #9

For the budget conscious, preparation for the moving day is key. Dismantle all the beds and any flat pack furniture. Have all your packing done before moving day and have a allocated area for your  ‘do not move pile’  if there are items not going to your new house or that you are transporting yourself.

How to Move: Packing Tips #10

If there is furniture not going, it may be a good idea for you to use coloured stickers on these items to avoid these been accidentally loaded.

Hopefully this How to Move: Packing Tips guide is helpful, and if you want to hire a professional then feel free to give us a call and we can have a chat about your move.