How to Easily Move Your Office, Shop or Warehouse

How to Easily Move Your Office, Shop or Warehouse

Are you getting ready for an office move?

The easiest way and less disruptive way is to hire us to move your office – we are professionals and can quickly and efficiently move your office, shop or warehouse.

Moving office, shop or warehouse can support the growth initiatives of your company, increase productivity and efficiencies, realign strategies and save costs. Undoubtedly, moving is considered amongst one of the most stressful times for a business and can disturb everyone from the regular day to day running of a business.

Moving your office can be a stressful, potentially expensive, time consuming and complicated job to achieve. Although the prospect of moving your office, shop or warehouse may seem unnerving, it is only a process and it can be broken down in a series of simple tasks.

Here are some steps you can follow to ensure that your office move is hassle free, to budget and on time.
Assessing current situation and needs:

What is your purpose for office relocation?

It may be planned growth, lease expiry or lease break. Knowing the reason why you are moving will help understand your needs and be able to arrange the correct office, shop or warehouse move plan. There are a few big decisions you should agree on as your foundation and which will form basis of subsequent process of planning, which includes the details of current lease, notice period and existing liabilities and obligations.

Become clear about the requirements

The whole process of your office moving can save you time and go more smoothly if you have a clear understanding at the inception of your operational requirements and basic strategy. You should have a general idea and agreement from the decision makers regarding the main drivers of the office moving. It must include the place where you like to move to, amount of space you need, main features that you need for a new office, length and type of lease you want, your planned business objectives and others.

Start as early as possible

There are lots of things you need to do. The earlier you begin, the greater the opportunity of attaining the smooth move that your company requires. It is nearly impossible planning too far ahead. Start as soon as you have appointed a project leader. You must begin reviewing your options nine to eighteen months prior to the expiration of your lease.

Make a realistic budget

It is important to create a realistic budget for your office, shop or warehouse move. It will serve as your planning tool to help you assess your expenses and manage them during the process.

Contract a packing and moving specialist

The entire process when moving an office can be very time-consuming, stressful and complex, therefore the best decision that you can make will be to hire a professional Packing and Removalist company, that offers a professional, caring and efficient service. You will no longer need to worry about packing and unpacking your valuable and fragile items since the office, shop or warehouse moving professionals will do the entire job for you.

Paradise Pro-Packers are professional packing and removalist specialists and mainly cover the Brisbane and Gold Coast area with our Professional Office, Shop or Warehouse moving services.

We can pack, move and unpack your office, shop or warehouse – this will save you money time and disruptions in your business.

You can get a free quote by phoning us on 1300 707 780, to discuss your needs.

Looking for a Stress Free Move? We Can Help!

Looking for a Stress Free Move? We Can Help!

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